Cyber nations aid slot bug

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Carnivore, a cybernations tool which provides aid, war & alliance history, with a bunch of useful tools., parser, utility, data, samus, CN.As a bonus anyone that subscribes £5 or more monthly, i'll develop a tool of your choice, using the data on this site for you :) Enter the nation id of...

Cyber Nations is a massively multiplayer online geo-political simulator, released in 2006.Off-Topic. Bombcast. Bug Reporting. Wiki. API Developers.Game details. Name. Cyber Nations. A National Cyber Bug Broker A National Cyber Bug Broker: Retrofitting Transparency. Casey Canfield, Frankie Catota & Nirajan Rajkarnikar Team Name: Red Hot CyberPeppers.Generally, a bug bounty program (BBP) is more cost-effective than hiring full-time security researchers. A more successful bounty program is... Cyber Nations Rankings & Opinions Cyber Nations is a massive multiplayer online geo-political simulator. Players assume the role of a national leader of a fictional nation they create and then run. Cyber Nations was created by Kevin Marks, modeled on a game he invented as a child involving a world map and push pins. Cyber Nations : Wikis (The Full Wiki) Cyber Nations (also known as CyberNations and abbreviated to CN) is a massiveIn the beginning, Cyber Nations was heavily linked to the game Jennifer Government: NationStates and aAn alliance offers many benefits, including protection from attacks, camaraderie, aid (money or technology or...

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Cyber nations are very simple to make and usually are based on a piece of land that has not been settled by any nation - note, there is no piece of land on this planet that is not part of a nation, even all of Antarctica has been claimed. So what pieces of land do cyber nations claim as their own? Antarctica.

Cyber Nations, A Nation Simulation Game Please report any bugs with this update or if you notice a link in the game pointing to an old screen in the bug reports section of the game. ... war slot filling, etc... Cyber Nations will continue to reserve the right to delete/ban a user on the spot, and thus bypassing the in-game warning system, if it is deemed necessary. ... Now nations ... Registration Terms - Cyber Nations Forums The Cyber Nations Moderation Staff reserves the right to take action against your account without warning for any reason at any time. Private Transactions Nation selling and other private transactions via such auction sites like eBay is against the Cyber Nations terms and conditions. While our moderators cannot control what people do outside of ... Aid Bug - Report A Bug - Cyber Nations Forums I have a foreign ministry but only have four aid slots available to me. Never had this problem before i.e., have had five slots filled before. Not sure what to do. EDIT: Problem went away when I deleted some of my older aid actions that were still showing. Still a bug (I guess) but at least the p...

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Cyber Nations User Player Guide Play Cyber Nations, by creating your own nation and building up resources.The default trade slots without a Harbor is four trade slots. When deciding what to purchase in the beginning of the game, remember three words.Foreign aid is a huge part of Cyber Nations and if used to your advantage... How alliances in Cyber Nations cheat to achieve... -… ***Advice to Admin of Cyber Nations – Get proxy detection software to block the cheaters. If you do, expect the population of Cyber Nations to fall dramatically but you will have a much cleaner game where realIt’s no coincidence that some alliances excel and have very active foreign aid slots.