Pwi increase safe slots quest

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Ok, I searched the forums and couldn't find anything on this, so I have a question about the inventory slots. Ingame, there are NPCs that can extend your inventory to 64 slots, but on the website user panel, you can extend it to 80 slots for free.

Increase Safe Slots Quest Pwi increase safe slots quest pwi Advance level by level and unblock new machines.Database Perfect World: Quest - Super Safe: 96 Slots. Perfect World Increase Safe Slots Gather the Materials

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PWI: Bank And Pet Bag Quests - PurpleMelon

PWI - Super Storage Sale! | PWI - Arc Games Jun 21, 2013 · PWI - Super Storage Sale! Would you like to be able quest and grind longer and more efficiently? The Inventory Stone is easily one of our most useful items, as it increases your personal inventory by a full eight slots. Each subsequent Inventory Stone will continue to expand your inventory until the 64 slot maximum. Talk to the Banker in any major city to use it. Increase Safe Slots | Perfect World International Wiki ... Increase Safe Slots are two quests named the same; each increases the player's safe slots by eight. Contents[show] Walkthrough Collect 5 Mystical Meat, 5 Disguise Skin, 5 Elemental Dust, 5 Soft Fur, and 5 Rhino Horns from enemies; or buy the Safe Extension Stone from the Boutique.