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Electronic gambling machines (EGMs) are known to be a particularly risky form of gambling (Petry. Addiction 98(5):645–655, 2003). It is vital that researchers and clinicians are aware of factors which could lead to people having problems with this form. Gambling motivation is one such factor. Anna C. Thomas, Felicity C. Allen and James Phillips ... 1 Electronic Gaming Machine Gambling: Measuring Motivation Anna C. Thomas, Felicity C. Allen and James Phillips Journal of Gambling Studies (2009) Vol 25, pp343–355 DOI 10.1007/s10899-009-9133-0 Electronic gaming machine gambling: measuring motivation.

Electronic Gaming Machine's (EGM's) are reported by many sources to directly impact motivation by offering intermittent positive reinforcement with small amounts of financial reward. Emotions can be a major factor in gambling motivation.

Alberta gambling regulator removed slot machines from some, but not all, neighborhood bars over an 11-year period, so that approximately one-quarter of all neighborhood bars with slot machines in Alberta had their slot machines removed. The motivation for this policy by the Special report: The psychology of gambling | APS Electronic gaming machines are the form of gambling associated with the most harm. Livingstone and Adams (2010) note that of the $17.5 billion spent on gambling in 2005-06, 59 per cent was spent on EGMs (Productivity Commission, 2008) and these have been shown to be implicated in around 85 per cent of gambling problems (McMillen et al., 2004). EGM - Electronic Gaming Machine | AcronymFinder

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Measuring the Local Impact of Electronic Gaming Machines* David Johnson Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research The University of Melbourne Melbourne Institute Working Paper No. 13/02 ISSN 1328-4991 ISBN 0 7340 1537 2 July 2002 *I would like to thank Tim Fry for some helpful comments on an earlier draft of this paper.

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Illinois Allowed Video Gambling And Left Addicts With A Gone are the days when playing the slots meant pulling a lever on a clanky machine. Today’s video gambling machines are like computer games, with sophisticated algorithms designed to make people bet more and play longer. Here’s what one video gambling experience might look like, though set … Measuring Slot Handle Performance - Indian Gaming played through all of the electronic gaming devices on the casino floor. The general assumption is that slot handle, multiplied by the casino floor's aggregate hold percentage, will yield a fairly accurate measure of daily slot performance. Unfortunately, not all slot handle is the same. In fact, in most Never Smile at a Crocodile: Betting on Electronic Gaming